Boats with 5 or more registered of the same type constitute a One-Design class. Classes that have historically had enough boats to constitute a One-Design class will be listed in their respective class. All other boats will be listed in the Portsmouth class until sufficient numbers have registered to constitute a One-Design class.

Boats will be posted as registrations come in, this page will be updated every 24-48 hours. Please check back.

Registered Entrants – 2014 DJOD Regatta

505 Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
7153 505 Colin Dunphy 505
8617 505 Paul Pihl 505
7206 505 Anne Fitzpatrick 505
6935 505 Chris Hubbard 505
8755 505 Brian Trainor 505
8868 505 Piper Dunlap 505
8866 505 Cynthia Des Brisay 505
8616 505 Lee Laney 505
8818 505 Paul VonGrey 505
8435 505 Jon Henderson 505
8192 505 Philip Cragg 505
7156 505 Erik Coburn 505
6136 505 Miles Johannessen 505
7039 505 Bob Conrad 505
8960 505 Bruce Van Deventer 505

Flying Junior (FJ) Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
X Flying Junior Benjamin Starks FJ
X Flying Junior Chase Travers FJ
X Flying Junior Nick Bourlier FJ
X Flying Junior Hannah Roy FJ
X Flying Junior Liam Hood FJ
X Flying Junior Colin Shaughnessy FJ
X Flying Junior William Schaefer FJ
OH-1 Flying Junior Austin Hauter FJ

I550 Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
250 I550 Brian Lockwood I550
410 I550 Stephen Moran I550

Laser Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
161980 Laser Mike Johnson Laser
198665 Laser Michael Poulos Laser
157937 Laser Mike Kleps Laser
177275 Laser Mike Powell Laser
204477 Laser Michael O’Brien Laser
177322 Laser Michael Reams Laser
206057 Laser Jacques Garrigues Laser
TBD Laser David Brink Laser
199186 Laser Darren Redies Laser
199127 Laser Adam DiDomizio Laser
206068 Laser Carlos Abisambra Laser
18811 Laser Joe Burcar Laser
177176 Laser Joe Abisambra Laser
182099 Laser Connor Hughes Laser
206170 Laser Rob Hodson Laser
206064 Laser Derek Bottles Laser
199921 Laser Mark Ross Laser
190801 Laser Jorge L. Yanez del Castillo Laser
200192 Laser Kurt Hoehne Laser
190174 Laser Scott Malone Laser
198045 Laser Peter Woytkowiak Laser
197594 Laser Sascha Smutny Laser
206066 Laser Daniel Falk Laser
162243 Laser Max Van Dam Laser

Laser Radial Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
188709 Laser Radial Jeffrey Werner Laser Radial
X Laser Radial Courtney Starks Laser Radial
206059 Laser Radial Talia Toland Laser Radial
162239 Laser Radial Carlos Morales Laser Radial
191552 Laser Radial Pearl Thijssen Laser Radial
90782 Laser Radial Jacob Finston Laser Radial

Megabyte Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
046 Megabyte Thomas Childs Megabyte

Tasar Class
Sail # Boat Type Skipper Class
2397 Tasar Bruce Gage Tasar
505 Tasar Anthony Boscolo Tasar
2399 Tasar Philip Gordon Tasar
80 Tasar Scott Wilson Tasar
USA 2677 Tasar Elsa Balton Tasar
1792 Tasar Julian Hannabuss Tasar
2916 Tasar Jay Renehan Tasar
2398 Tasar Michael Karas Tasar
CAN 2677 Tasar Tim Murphy Tasar