2015 Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta

Registered Participants

Boats with 5 or more registered of the same type constitute a One-Design class. Boats with less than 5 will race in the Portsmouth class.

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Name Boat Class Sail # Yacht Club
Coburn, Erik 505 7156 Sudden Valley Yacht Club
cragg, phil 505 8192 kyc/rvyc
Des Brisay, Cynthia 505 8866 Kitsilano Yacht Club
Dunlap, Piper 505 8868 PTSA
Dunphy, Colin 505 7153 CYC Seattle
Elf, Mats 505 8823 CYC Seattle
Fitzpatrick, Anne 505 7206 CYC Seattle
Holstine, James 505 8818 byc
Hubbard, Christopher 505 7610 CYC Seattle
Johannessen, Miles 505 6136 Bellingham yacht club
Kowalski, Cody 505 x
Laney, Lee 505 8616 Bellingham Yacht Club
Maguire, Kevin 505 6499 Bellingham
Poulos, Michael 505 8017 Bellingham Yacht Club
Trainor, Brian 505 8755 Kitsilano Yacht Club
VANDEVENTER, BRUCE 505 8960 CYC of Seattle
Anders, Lera Flying Junior (FJ) TBD3
Bourlier, Nick Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 4
Daluiso, Alex Flying Junior (FJ) TBD1
Hood, Liam Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 1
Keneipp, Cedric Flying Junior (FJ) TBD4
Ketteridge, Maia Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 7
Malone, Casey Flying Junior (FJ) TBD2
Ponce, Alejandro Flying Junior (FJ) TBD5
Powell, Sean Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 6
Roy, Hannah Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 3
Starks, Benj Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 2
Travers, Chase Flying Junior (FJ) BYC 5
Brackett, Gavin Laser USA 208048 Orcas island yacht club
Manix, John Laser 173959 Vancouver Lake Sailing Club
Redies, Darren Laser 195947 Surrey Sailing Club
suski, jacek Laser 199919 JSCA
Winberg, Jay Laser 199207 Corinthian Yacht Club, Seattle Yacht Club
Antico, Colby Laser Radial TBD
Finston, Jacob Laser Radial TBD
Knowles, Jack Laser Radial 159801 BYC
Spelchake, Chai Laser Radial TBD
Bos, Menno Lightning 14089 Kitsilano Yacht Club
Bush, Robert Lightning 14654 Vancouver Lake Sailing Club
Duncombe, Chris Lightning 13788 Kitsilano Yacht Club
Henley, Matthew Lightning 14841 Kitsilano Yacht Club
Vered, Ran Lightning 949 KYC
Scott, Michelle RS Aero 1516
Willsie, Todd RS Aero 1127 CYC Seattle
Balton, Elsa Tasar 677 BYC
Ellis, Dave Tasar 1573 Whistler Sailing Association
Fahey, Brendan Tasar 340 SSP
Gordon, Philip Tasar 2399 WSC
Karas, Michael Tasar 2398 Seattle
Parish, Sam Tasar 580 SSP
Renehan, John Tasar 2916 SYC
Vander Schalie, Marc Tasar 2599 Lake Chelan SA
Wilson, Scott Tasar 80 BYC